The fleet and the not so much

A few hours before he left for the airport in Halifax to collect me from my flight from Denver-via-Toronto, Bob heard from Fred that our son had successfully hitchhiked from St Andrews to Berlin, his team coming in 6th in a field of 120. So, while I was dozing through the air, another family member clearly showed more gumption.  And poor Bob got to wonder Who’s on First.

Apparently, the phone call wasn’t the one full of stories so the only other details Bob acquired include the one about Fred getting a lift from a couple of RAF officers.  ‘Fred’ and ‘RAF officers’ in the same sentence strains credulity. But then, I was the recipient of a black feather boa at one point during the weekend and that’s a bit hard on the imagination as well.

That’s the beauty of travel:  it’s broadening for the audience as well as for the traveller.


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