Yesterday I managed to lose three items, each of which I also found across the course of 12 hours (jump drive, essential papers, etc.).  I proved not so adept in other arenas:

After a two-year hiatus, I was going to get to see my friend Tom who is now at Queens Public.  But our carefully cross plotted hour diagrammed into our meeting schedules got eaten by the extension of a meeting so, missed Tom.

Was a bit luckier with Heidi, although we spent a lugubrious half hour playing unintentional hide and seek when trying to connect for breakfast.  When we did connect, Vi and I told her library stories through the ages to a degree that she could go back to her own with some laughs. And for her part, she regaled us with the Canadian career openings avaialble back when she was in library school: apparently the need for erotic dancers north of the border was sufficient to give same a quick immigration ticket.  Did they need to be fingerprinted?  i don’t really want to know.

And then there was today’s blue plate special at the ALA Book Store:  a “kit” of poster, bookmarks and related book were up for a bundle price today only! the sign screamed at Vi and me.  We recognized the book.  Mine from 2005.  Not a fresh blue plate special…..


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