horse sense

Sixteenth Street is a pedestrian thoroughfare, with a constant shuttle bus during the day. At night, there are horse-drawn drays.  Perhaps because I was put aboard ponies early and often during the first decade of my life–I could ride (Western) relatively well by the age of 3–the horse is the one animal with which I feel a deep-rooted, primordial connecion.

Sp, walking in the dark, in Denver, literally thousands of miles from any place I’ve ever called home, the horses grounded me.

I was on my way to dinner with an old friend.  The food was fabulous and the company even better. And all this at the end of a day that was full to overflowing with that kind of work a horse would recognize as “good”: honest, in aid of something bigger than…the moment? the doers? And no more than the moment, which was, simply, enough.


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