on the interpretation of separation

The whole separation of church and state ethos is something I’ve always considered to be directed toward actions or places that are forbidden from bowing to the former while wearing the trappings of the American latter.  How flat an interpretation is that?

Certainly the Denver City and County Building has pointed up the error of my ways.  Here is is, nearly a full month past Christmas and its beautifully crescent-shaped neoclassic greatness is bedecked with:

one traditional manger scene

one manger scene that apepars to star the Seven Dwarfs (why aren’t they the Seven Dwarves?)

a giant Nutcracker soldier

a couple of adoring snowmen in lieu of adoring shepherds

a mission statement (?): “Peace on Earth.”

It is a total wow.  And my camera is home in Nova Scotia.  Or is it Vancouver, as a friend of mine asserted when introducing me today?


3 Responses to “on the interpretation of separation”

  1. Marian Says:

    So, if your camera is home in Nova Scotia, where is your cell phone?
    And if you have no cell phone, why not ask a friend who does have one
    to take a picture of this most peculiar city hall scene? Inquiring minds
    who didn’t get to go to Denver would like to see what an adoring snowman looks like, and the concept of a manger scene starring the Seven Dwarves
    (with Grumpy as Baby Jesus?) is just … something to think about.

  2. flotsam Says:

    That’ll teach you to leave home without a camera…

  3. halifaxing Says:

    oh lord i see the error of my ways! but, marian, jackie MAY get over there to take its rightful picture…and, seriously, your imagination could not do worse than to conjure the awesome possibilities as laid out above. this was truly a sight thaat a camera could not capture in toto.

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