Away and there at once

After an exhilarating morning meeting, I got into my office just going on 1, which is just going on noon, DC time.  Through the combined forces of modern technology and human interest and caring, the outer office had been transformed into a screen projected view of live feeds from the Inauguration.  Working with wifi, the best available streams were creating a new hybrid, capturing sound from one and image from another.

I’ve been frankly surprised by how optimistic Americans have been in the lead up to today, as though years of cynicism really can be shed like so much old fur.  I count myself among that number, even as my more detached observing eye wonders how easy that seems and wonders if anything that easy can be useful.

So, literally surrounded by Canadians, most of whom seemed as entranced as any of the people on screen with the proceedings, I sort of got to be there, sort of was present, and very much aware that my seeing was happening from not-the-US amid people who do care and are deeply affected by US politics but who have no hand in shaping them, as every US voter and consumer does.

But, of course, Canadians do have a hand as a nation, if not as individuals, because neither nation is–in these times–playing the isolationist card.  So are we here or are we there?  Or are here and there terms that can no longer be applied to politics but only to whether la plume de ma tante est sur la table ou assoyait sur la chaise?


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