Underfoot or head over heels?

Last year’s skim of black ice on some morning sidewalks was scary but today’s ground quality raised the ante in the walking upright challenge.  Yesterday’s snow turned into last night’s rain and the result combined great shelves of ice with slush puddles and veritable ice floes at every corner.

I managed to remain upright and dignified, although had to sacrifice my morning walk to a bus ride in order to achieve that. In fact, the corner was flooded so deep outside my front door that I had to walk west to catch a bus headed east because I was wearing calf-high boots instead of hip waders.

The ferry terminal crowd is the one group I can usually rely upon to find topics of convo besides the weather but even they had nothing else on their tongues today:  how deep they forded, how wet their trousers, how many of us had surrendered to the bus rather than tread ice water.

As the day progressed, the sun shown, which has only melted more of the snow before the sun set again and the temp has headed back to freezing, promising another slip and slide day tomorrow.


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