Can less than a thousand words paint a picture?

This morning was bright and cold, perhaps the coldest we’ve had all winter.  If my new found math skills are close to accurate, the Fahrenheit translation would peg it at about 14 degrees when I left the house just past dawn.  By the time I got aboard the ferry, the sky was a luminous blue, two tints lighter than royal.  The sunrise was pink and orange striped, a harbinger of the approaching bad weather we’ve been warned should hit this evening (“Red sky at night/sailor’s delight. Red sky at morn/sailors take warn”).

The white lights along the west side of the harbour, down by Halterm and across the passage on the George’s Island lighthouse, shown sharp and hard, diamonds in the breaking day.

By mid-harbour, mist was swirling in ever tightening strands around the ferry.  At one point, both shores were lost to view, even though the expanse is tiny; it’s a mere eight-minute ride from west to east.

And, on the Dartmouth side, when we docked, dawn was gone and full daylight was running from the pale blue sky. No camera along, so this is what I have to offer you…..


3 Responses to “Can less than a thousand words paint a picture?”

  1. Marg Says:

    It is 70 degrees, warm and sunny, clear blue skies here but I suppose someone else has already mentioned that to you.

  2. halifaxing Says:

    and I also heard you’re having spare the air days in winter…..

  3. Marg Says:

    Yes there were quite a few of those in December. It is also very dry – we really do need some rainfall.

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