Playing catch up

I’ve gone back and put some photos in from our recent trip…we aren’t talking stellar photography here, just some images to aid the narrative, starting with the entry from about December 22.

Yesterday I played a different sort of real-time catch up with, unbelievably, my third trip to the fingerprint place.  While we were away, the Justice Department in California also rejected my submission of prints, but this time they didn’t even look at the quality (or lack thereof): this time the complaint was that we had not used their form.  Which, incidentally, looks exactly like the form that had been used with the exception of there being no space on the California form for a headshot (which had been included on the form sent).

The fingerprint guy recognizes me by this time and manages not to roll his eyes (but just barely).  And this time, I am unreasonably proud to say, he declared th print he got of my right thumb to produce a “perfect” print!  As to the other nine: “You’d make a perfect criminal.”  Thanks.

Other mail that arrived while we were not here included my annual card from Sr. Bethany, about whom my writing here brought an old high school friend of hers bak into contact with her.  That friend, who lives in Maryland and whom I’ve never met, pulled together a visit with several other old buddies of Sr. B’s and they travelled to Georgetown, California (not an easy place to access) to see her last September, to everyone’s delight and pleasure at reconnection. So, that story has a good ending.


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