Mysteries of public works

The pit on Fenwick remains.  We received a kind of cheery newsletter during our absence alerting us, as neighbours, to the “progress” of this pit project.   It wasn’t meant to be screamingly funny, but the paragraph explaining that work to date has led to the pipes being higher than the street and thus requiring a reworking gave me the opening for rolling around on the floor hooting.

That was before I stepped out into the frigid morning and discovered the new steam vents on Morris street.  Some road work occurred here, late in November and early last month (what pikers when contrasted to the Fenwick crew!) and everything seemed to be in repatched working order about the time we left for Scotland.  this morning, however, both a standpipe and the street itself were billowing such yards of steam that it appeared to be a venting volcano just t’other side of the paving.

That was still the scene some hours later because bob came across it as well in his later-in-the-day foray into the world.  But he tells me that bak on Fenwick, the post office hasn’t collapsed into the pit and, as long as there isn’t an earthquake, the pit shouldn’t swallow up too much of the streetscape.


2 Responses to “Mysteries of public works”

  1. michelle Says:

    i am baffled by the fenwick situation … i had to drop into the medical centre there in october, november and again in december and it looked exactly the same each time … like a big messy hole in the ground!

  2. halifaxing Says:

    I went by this morning and see that about half the street has been put back into something close to order, although a large hole till remains…along with a generator, a stupendous supply of traffic cones, concrete barriers, fencing, and a big old digger.

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