The National Gallery

Bob and I spent some time at the National Gallery on Saturday afternoon and then all three of us were back there yesterday morning and again in the afternoon. It’s a good size, with varied collections and some ironic pieces as reiief to the more studied exhibits.  Raeburn’s skating reverend, which is used as the Gallery’s icon, is explained as a controversy in its actual painter, location of the subject and verity of the year in which it is claimed to represent him.

Another delight, for me, was the small painting of the gallery itself, done less than a decade after its opening, now hung in the same room it depicts.

Bob, who has an extraordinary taste for Italian religious tableaux, found plenty.  And Fred, who has a deep dislike for paintings created after 1889, was safe from running across any as the Gerhard Richter exhibit was one of the few parts of the museum where there was a charge.

Edinburgh has set to with a vengeance in its preparations for New Year’s.  About half the streets now seem to be closed for revellers’ ease of pedestrian access, with trafic diversions at every turn. (As a pedestrian, I am in heaven).  And yet another street fair’s worth of carnival rides has been stuffed into a lane up the north slope of the Mound, creating now three layers of joy rides. We were out until past 10 on Princes Street last evening and the sky was split with blue, red and green lights from competing booster rides, the giant ferris wheel alongside the Scott Monument and even a kiddies’ merry-go-round all going at full fling.

Nova Scotia can’t claim its Sunday sobriety on its Scottish roots.


2 Responses to “The National Gallery”

  1. Pam Spencer Holley Says:

    Oh my gosh–I’m so far behind in reading your blog [that’s what happens with all this crazy Christmas stuff] that I didn’t even know you were in Edinburgh…lucky you! So if you’re there, please stop and eat at Clarinda’s for me–it’s on the Royal Mile, on the left hand side as you walk down toward Holyrood Palace. Apple pie with cream would satisfy me.

    Have a grand time–and hopefully I’ll see you in Denver. They must be letting you back in the country if you were able to travel to Edinburgh.


  2. halifaxing Says:

    we’ll do that for you!

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