A day out in Fife

Fred was kind enough to take his old ‘rents to see St Andrews.  I’ll post pictures after returning–and becoming in possession of my camera cable.  But there are some things worth word portraits here.

The first being the rather alarming notice at the Leuchars train depot:  would-be assailants who dare to spit on bus drivers are warned that all staff members carry dna kits and a swab of the spittal will be taken at once and charges filed.         img_0901       So, it would seem, dna is on record here?

We nipped into the public library in St Andrews long enough for me to buy a lovely jute book bag (a veritable steal at a pound).  We promised Fred the briefest of stays there but did take long enough to discover that the books–nicely ordered by genre and author–have no spine labels, but are shelved as though in a very careful home.  The teen collection’s materials do sport small icon labels:  a rather nice cartoon of a pair of teens (yes, real teens, not children) carrying rucksacks.  And the mysteries also are tagged with small icons at their spine bottoms: a pair of cartoon handcuffs on a dark ground.

That St Andrews is called by its students “the bubble” makes total sense.  Unlike Cal, it is a university enclosed by a combination of gentitility and rural life, far from the madding crowd, as Fred described his morning walks to high school in Berkeley, of people yelling at him and trying to sell him things.

And the architecture is excellent!  Pictures to follow, I promise!

And here they are:


Market Street greengrocer

Market Street greengrocer

St Leonard's Gate

St Leonard's Gate


detail from roofline of main lecture hall

detail from roofline of main lecture hall


3 Responses to “A day out in Fife”

  1. Sandy Says:

    Now what could Fred possibly have against this:


    or this:


    or even this:


    I think he should revise his ending date to 1892…

    Glad you’re having a great time!

  2. Sarah Dentan Says:

    They can and do swipe DNA with alarming regularity. In England, minors picked up for suspicion of (insert annoying lifestyle crime here) have DNA cheek swabs taken, without parental signoff, and kept in a central database.

    Beyond the obvious privacy concerns, the propensity government types have for leaving sensitive personal information on the trains in Britain certainly leads one to believe such data is less than secure.

  3. halifaxing Says:

    And it certainly feels that way…which makes Canada’s scrupulosity about privacy interesting indeed.

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