Preholiday cheers

Spent the afternoon at home with an unsettled stomach, but sufficient energy to mine the past few days of emails that had sunk to the second tier.  And there are some gems, including this made-for-reference-librarians short on dealing with questions that are–really–impossible.

Amid my online catch up, however, I missed a page in today’s local paper, which Bob has just pointed out. The news is international, the cut and paste job done to get it into the Chronicle is typically strange, and there, indeed, is Shattuck Square with its shoe. Not a cheerful story, but cheering, weirdly, to see the words “El Cerrito” in print while sitting in my Haligonian kitchen.  And here’s betting that the poor Iraqui protester had a version of reassuring before it got ripped from his life.


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