Le bois seulement

My “tour of duty” today took me past one of my favourite intersections (from a signage stance):  the south east corner of Connaught and Bayers sports a Canadian Tire “gas bar” cheek by jowl with a Tim Horton’s.  How much more nation-specific can you get in the franchise world?

A couple of blocks later, I caught sight of an oversized heavyweight truck, boldly labelled for its intended load:  le bois seulement/wood only.  We’re not in California anymore, where the water might be peligro but not much else in public offers advice in the rooted language of many of the inhabitants.

Nova Scotia flirts with being monolingual, in an officially bilingual nation.  But businesses align their signage with whichever language they expect to be needed by their readers.  Do I extrapolate from that that most pitchers of wood into hauling trucks are primarily francophone?


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