Auld lang syne and voices

A couple days ago, a reader posted here a suggestion for a Mexican restaurant on Dutch Village Road, one of those multicultural concepts that keeps us located in the 21st century.  I haven’t gotten there yet, but yesterday Bob and I had our usual Saturday lunch at a Japanese restaurant on Dresden Row.  This is a very shiny, modern place but lunch is reasonable both pocketbookwise and foodwise.  On the other hand, the music that plays softly in the background often is a bit on the peculiar side.

Yesterday, the dj seemed to be rushing us directly through Christmas and on to New Year’s Eve. We were suddenly enveloped by a soporific “cool jazz” interpretation of Auld Lang Syne into which had been inserted voice overs snipped from famous mid-20th century recordings of American pop culture.  We started noticing just as President Kennedy’s oration pricked our subconsciouses and then moved swiftly into Martin Luther King’s “I Have a Dream” speech–or a couple lines from the middle of it.

No sooner had we figured out that we weren’t sharing auditory hallucinations than Jimi Hendrix’s Star Spangled Banner threaded through Auld Lang Syne and came out the other side as Wavy Gravy welcoming folks to Woodstock. As we choked on our rice, we were hurled through “Here’s Johnny!” and on down the road to the low points of 1970’s American television.  Somehow we skipped Neil Armstrong’s walk on the Moon.

Through all this, Auld Lang Syne, converted to sax and clarinet, kept on keeping on. And there we sat in a Japanese restaurant in Nova Scotia, on a street named in the 19th century for a city in Germany.  I blame it all on my buying the Vonnegut book the day before.


4 Responses to “Auld lang syne and voices”

  1. carole leita Says:

    I would so love it if you would follow up on this by asking the restaurant folks about their version of “Auld Lang Syne.” overly curious carole

  2. halifaxing Says:

    will do my best…sometimes the music in there is so scary that I don’t want to call the staff’s attention to it, lest any show of interest be a vote of approval

  3. Bob Says:

    So I think I tracked this down. I believe the recording we heard was “Auld Lang Syne–The Millennium Mix” by Kenny G. There’s a bit of this offered on You Tube: Also, I found an entire lesson plan based on this recording and a video montage that goes with it. Check it out at

  4. halifaxing Says:

    In my memory, the auld lang syne part at the restaurant was way sappy jazzy but this is good news…right, Carole?

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