A charming Saturday, before the storm

For the past couple of months, we’ve been visiting galleries looking for a painting for the dining room. There’s a big bare space in the living room as well, but I’m not capable of looking for two art works at once (although Bob seems to be).  Today we went to the lease-purchase gallery affiliated with the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia and had a grand time:  water colours of the ocean in every mood, of course, and urban scenes including some within ten steps of the gallery, but also witty acrylics of smiling fish and a multimedia image of Africville live.

We rustled around with the movable walls until we got full and the competition from other aesthetes grew too competitive.  We came home with notes and plans to return in a  few days.  I now can’t find any of my favourites online to share, however.

After lunch and a trip to the best stocked music store either of us has visited in years, we came home and I was to get to work.  However, it was easy enough to fall into a chat with the inimitable Janice, my West Coast friend who can make origami stars the size of a baby’s finger nail.  Among the range of topics we covered was wheat.  I had finally learned this week, from a trio of Canadians each of whom has spent years living in the States, that my disappointment with the local bread scene has its root in the flour itself, which is ground from hard wheat here as opposed to soft wheat there. Janice was understandably dubious that a Maritimer might find Semifredi’s  or Acme less than compelling. acme_308

As today’s gentle pace winds along, I have my weather eye open toward tomorrow, when big storm number two of the season is forecasted to roll…hm, a nice challah roll would suffice……


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