Seasonal shopping

In spite of my now international reputation for being on the slightly Grinch/Scrooge side (not in terms of offing with others joy or depriving them of goods but a general bah humbug demeanor in response to the slightest over-saturation of tinsel and Little Drummer Boys), I have finished my “holiday” shopping.  My final stop was well-chosen in that a bookstore will almost always put me in a good mood, and it was good to see this one hopping.

Since the Book Room’s demise–and my move to a slightly different neighbourhood–I’ve become a fan of the Bookmark.  It has very little street presence but holds a surprisingly large, varied, and interesting inventory.  It even has a good Western philosophy section, one that appears to be aimed at readers rather than students.

Although I buy my gns either at Strange Adventures or (for shame?  nah!) ask Todd to sell them to me from Comic Relief, the Bookmark’s couple of gn shelves always amuse me. There’s something deliciously decadent about seeing Ariel Schrag on the shelf there–so near and yet so far from BHS.

Today’s trip was to find a paperback or two for Fred, not an easy guy to buy books as gifts.  But luck held.  Right across from reminders of Berkeley, was the writer who penned his most famous novel while ensconced on Jura, across the water from Port Askaig…and every college student with a summer job can appreciate Down and Out in London and Paris.  And then there’s Vonnegut

Yes, these are very old fashioned Christmas presents.


One Response to “Seasonal shopping”

  1. Sandy Says:

    I read Down and Out when I was a student. But not Vonnegut.

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