Serious portent, funny sign

The brand new USS Freedom was in Halifax Harbour this morning, looking rather like an oversized yacht with every radar device known to man across its crown.  Why a war ship built for shallow water has been sent to cruise a very deep harbour is a bit mystifying, but it’s interesting to see a ship that is so brand spangling new. In fact, given that it was hidden from my view on the ferry ride this morning by an intervening freighter with a layer of rust as thick as the antennae on Freedom made the Naval one look almost unreal in contrast. 

A war ship, of course, is a war ship, and so there are the commensurate ruminations that accompany that launching and travels of a new one….

On the lighter end of the signatory horizon was the traffic sign on Fenwick street this evening.  It, too, was brand new and shiny–and planted firmly on the building side of the sidewalk, not the street side.  It is neither at a cross road nor a driveway, just on the grass verge and it warns: “Pedestrians Beware of oncoming traffic.” A stampede from the nearest front door?


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