“I’ve been to Hollywood, I’ve been to Redwood…”

Saturday evening I finally stepped foot into the Metro Centre (home to the Halifax Mooseheads) where, along with 9,999 other people I got to hear and see Neil Young in his continuing search for a heart of gold. He was in fine form; the local paper does a pretty good job of painting the scene as it was, replete with old songs, newer ones and some really new ones, and old fogeys, youngsters and some folks in between in the audience.

The last time I’d seen him live and in person was, of all places, the Ralphs on Franklin at Western. That was at about 3 am and each of us was buying something that at that moment must have been necessary.  Why else would anyone be in the supermarket at that hour?  And what could possibly have been that important?

Some things you forget.  Others, like the fact that we were there then, stick.  Saturday night he made a joke about Redwood City, a place where probably only he and two audience members have ever been.  No jokes about Hollywood.  But he did include Heart of Gold–without digging in his pockets this round–in the repertoire.


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