Nobody expects the…(in this house)

This morning we were rousted at a very early hour not by any loud sounds but by a huge flashing light on the street below. It was as though silent fireworks were going on, so bright and striating was it. The actual cause was only slightly less peculiar:  parked immediately in front of our house was an enormous construction crane aboard five interlinked flatbed trailers.  The enormous truck to pull this was parked and police cars, with more flashing lights, filled the intersections that bound the block. The equipment looked too big to be hauled through streets; it would have looked more in keeping aboard a barge on water.

The lights remained and the haul, as well, for almost two hours.  I had the uneasy feeling that I didn’t really want just the wall of the house between me and what seemed to be hundreds of tons of iron and steel. Then the lights ceased and the whole thing was gone, almost silently.

At midmorning, we had some people to brunch.  This was my first experience cooking for company in well over a year.  The company arrived–hauling a poinsettia as enormous–once scale is introduced to the image–as the crane.  I think the last time a poinsettia was in my house was probably around 1964. So my shock, again figuring in scale, was also about that as felt about the crane.

The crane’s gone:  we hunted it down and think it’s the one now installed near the pit on Fenwick Street (where the digging never ceases).  The poinsettia remains.  My mother would be pleased.


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