Whitening coffee, or, Bob’s grocery store adventure

Like Protestants and Catholics, Mac users and PC fans, the universe of coffee drinkers divides into the camps of black coffee and fussed-with coffee preferences/beliefs.  (I have tipped my hand as to which camp is mine by calling the other one “fussed-with”).   For years, Kay tried hard to train me in proper hostessing by shaking her head in disapproval when, every time I offered her coffee during a visit I could not also offer her half-and-half.

In anticipation of brunch guests this weekend, Bob did some grocerying today.  Half-and-half was on his list as coffee is a regular part of brunch and I am now trained, thanks to Kay, to offer the appropriate option for those who don’t drink it black.  But what would Kay do with the available options, none of which is called “half-and half”?

There seems to be a product called “coffee cream,” but upon reading its ingredients, stuff besides cow product is included in this mix.  Then there is cream.  And there is “blend,” which appears to be limited in its ingredient list to milk and cream, but, as Bob pointed out, doesn’t give away any percentages of either. WWKD??


4 Responses to “Whitening coffee, or, Bob’s grocery store adventure”

  1. Marg Says:

    That does seem odd. I can’t recall whether I’ve ever seen Half and Half in NS stores. But then again I was amazed to discover in my recent visit that my mother still has her milk delivered to the door by the milk man.

  2. sarai Says:

    I am pleased to be able to report that “blend” is the same as half-and-half: 10% M.F. (I do take cream, and moving across the country threw me for a loop a few times.)

  3. heidi Says:

    you might look for cereal cream, that was the BC version of half and half. i drank it by the glass before i learned what it really was. mmm, dairy fat.

  4. halifaxing Says:

    yeah, bob found this too and began to wonder if there was cake milk, cookie milk and so forth, for every dairy pairing need

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