I’ve finally got wind of the Rome project Google Earth is putting on offer to surfers.  The tour made me slightly airsick, but also serves as a reminder at how many generations of “world views” I’ve already experienced, from the “bumpy” globe I got for Christmas when I was six through life with a map librarian guy.  There was a brief period last winter when I, in Halifax, would check the street view in Google Earth to see our car parked in the driveway in Berkeley–talk about using technology to weird ends.

I remember distinctly the first time I created a map as a communication tool.  It was my first day of first grade (or grade one, as they say here).  After a half-day of school and lunch out with my mother, I was at my teenaged babysitter’s house and we were ensconced on the top step of the Indian stairs built into the side of a hollow (a landform that doesn’t exist outside the Appalachians).  I was trying to explain which door would be my typical egress at the end of the school day and picked up six sticks to plot a map of the school building.  The message must have been clear because she found me the next day (and, ironically, refound me online about four months ago; we now exchange weekly emails).

So, now I can go way back in the time machine and see what Rome’s buildings looked like as peppered across the terrain.  Yes, the roads were straight, but apparently building placement, not so much. And I wouldn’t have known…..


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