Snowy day the second: neighbourhood edition

The temp has stayed low and so the only snow that’s melted is that in the road, ground to water by tires, and wherever voluminous amounts of salt have been scattered.  this afternoon, more is drifting in the air, but not really making a concerted effort to amount to anything.  From my study window, I see a curious    pattern of fences, now each with its crowning lattice work piled with snow.  img_0844I haven’t quite figured out which fence goes with which house and one area looks almost as though it goes with no building, but is a kind of inner city paddock.

Out the front door, the thoroughbred runners are running again, most having taken off yesterday. The foot traffic then seemed to be composed largely of kids desperate to reinstate their beer supplies.  Today the fixations appear to be around groceries.  Priorities and all that.

The snow has also led to a new development on the stair building project front.  As I passed Friday evening, just before the snow began, I was amazed to see that the direction of the stairs has been wholly altered:  where they had been going from west to east, they now travel north to south.  And this has been made possible by the insertion of what looks rather like a lake diving platform.  Yesterday a fellow came by and carefully removed the snow from the platform, with the aid of what appeared to be a child’s sand shovel. Today, the same household worked a bit at undigging their driveway.  Again, it’s all a matter of priorities.


2 Responses to “Snowy day the second: neighbourhood edition”

  1. flotsam Says:

    It would be amusing to do a time lapse show of all the different iterations of the stairs…..

  2. halifaxing Says:

    Yes, this falls into the category of “if only”–if only we had known at the outset that eight wooden steps could require reconstruction 167 times across 6 weeks. There is no end in sight, even now that the going can’t be smooth, given the weather.

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