Just a bit of icing

Today’s steady cold maintained the small amount of last evening’s snow in such places as lawns and parked rooftops. The urban sidewalks are fairly clear, except where shade and lack of any sand or shovelwork allowed ridges of slightly stirred up slush to freeze and maintain solidity.  I walked two steep hills during the course of the day, downhill one in the early morning and uphill a different one late in the afternoon; the former was scarier than the latter, so I must suppose the temperature changed a bit at some point while I was indoors in between treks.

Last night brought some power failures to HRM and a strangely large traffic tie-up in the Cobequid Pass. The strange part of that story is the assertion that road officials were “unprepared” for the storm, as it was forecast as early as Tuesday morning and certainly began with a gradualness.  There’s an interesting insistence locally that winter–that is, snow–doesn’t arrive until mid-December, as though the weather reads a calendar.  In fact, it’s been more than seven months since we had any.  And this any was neither delivered by blizzard nor more than toenail high.  Merely icing.  Dangerous but not shocking.


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