The people’s rain jacket

Bob’s careful cataloging of our household, in preparation for moving it all through customs, has left us with very little of questionable origin.  One valuable such item, however, is the people’s rain jacket.  Like the jeans in Ann Brashares’ books, this garment uncannily adjusts to the very different physiques of all three family members. It is a child’s size extra large, bright red rip-stop nylon, with a hood, zipper and velcro closing, and chest pocket that zips vertically. Its body and sleeves are long enough to cover Bob sufficiently; it seems to cover Fred without drowning him anywhere; the overly long sleeves keep my hands dry and it fits around me without being snug.  It’s magic!

None of us is willing to admit to bringing it into the household and only Bob claims to remember having seen it before we left California.  He’s the one who has dubbed it “the people’s rain jacket” as Fred, the mostly likely candidate to own a child’s extra large (although not for a couple years), refuses to take ownership of it either in the past or the recent present.

I have now also discovered the people’s hat.  At one point, while living in Berkeley, Bob acquired a black and red buffalo check driving cap.  it went missing during teh move and he had entertained the certainty that it was the best, warmest hat he had ever had or could ever own.  He finally went out and bought a new hat (or two).  But now the black and red one has reappeared! And I had the assignment to bring garments to work today for a “seasonal” photo.  Oddly, the hat fits–as does the black and red puffy vest I found in Fred’s closet….


2 Responses to “The people’s rain jacket”

  1. carole Says:

    the people’s clothing begs for a photo

  2. Cathy Says:

    I might add that you did look rather dapper at today’s shoot!!

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