Getting around in spite of the rain

Last evening’s Parade of Lights Christmas hoopla took place in iffy weather that ended in a deluge.  By the time the Wicked Witch of the West, the Oz-searching Lion, and other storybook minions staggered to our house, their costumes had soaked up more than their weight in water.

Over night, the rain was joined by a bellowing wind from the south and this afternoon the two weather forms have intertwined into a rampant mess. I sat down to scan email quickly and got involved, instead, in three cats, a skype call and a brief video chat.  So, in spite of the horrid weather, I’ve been to Ohio, California, and Scotland. 

It makes me feel spoiled rotten, lucky, bemused, and a bit tipsy.

To celebrate the fact that I have my perfect black rubber boots back–they spent last year on the front porch of the house in Berkeley–and my knee-length leakless raincoat, I went out into the storm.  The public garden is now closed for the winter, a travesty to my Boston eyes.

But my foul weather gear worked quite well, right up to wear the four exposed inches of denim–yes, I neglected my olive drab rainpants–soaked a block from the return trip home.

3 Responses to “Getting around in spite of the rain”

  1. carole Says:

    I just looked at the photos at the Chronicle Herald. How wonderful. My favorite was the Santa with no pants.

  2. Pam Spencer Holley Says:

    Okay, I just read back through several days of posts and wanted to comment on the stairs and the siding. Do you think this house is being used as a training ground for future carpenters? Perhaps a school owns it and it’s being used to teach stair building and siding work to a class? You’ve gotten me intrigued by the constant changes in the stairs–if you see someone around, please do ask. Pam

  3. halifaxing Says:

    Pam, I wish that were the case. It is the same duo on every occasion. They briefly moved on to the exterior second floor staircase next door to this first place but that seems to have been a project of typical brevity, rather than this month-long siege.

    The parade company we had Saturday evening left behind the long bit of post they had used to carry a banner in the parade. Bob is donating it to the stair builders.

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