Interlude with a book

have you read Avery Gilbert’s wonderful book on the science and psychology of smell? It’s witty and charming and filled all sorts of news that has escaped my attention.  I never knew that butterflies have aromas (although perhaps I should)!

Part of the appeal is his Northern California quips (you know that Kinko’s by the campus from which you cen send Fedex packages?) but it’s much more accessible than simply what’s-familiar-to-me. It’s the delightful layering of the arch with the spectacular, seasoned with down home advice (like which end of the atomizer to squeeze if you are trying to impress a potential perfume customer).

Gilbert’s father was a philosopher.  Whence his own aspect on how to think out loud with such compelling grace?  Is it a heritable trait–metacognition on the wings of words–or the product of environment?

I’m keeping this book for ferry reading.  otherwise, I’d goble it in a day and miss it for months.


One Response to “Interlude with a book”

  1. yvette Says:

    It’s been on my “to read” list for a while. Now I MUST get to it.

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