Stars and stairs

I spent the day hithering and yonning and enjoying the fact that it was a clear day on which to be doing so.  I sampled lots of transit types and most of the folks with whom I had business to do were cheerful.  How little I sometimes need to feel buoyant myself!

One snippet that had some in a buzz today was the likelihood that a particular movie star might be filming up the street.  I have never seen adults be so excited by this prospect–probably because I went to school in movieland at such an impressionable age that I tend to forget that stars are called stars for a reason.  When I try to put Hollywood and Halifax into the same sentence, it seems utterly preposterous.  One is a fable and the other barely wears makeup.

Saturday evening, Bob and I spent the generous gift certificate our Berkeley realtor gave us (in collusion with our local one) at Fiasco.  Now, folks in there did look a bit like Bel-Air, but Bel-Air on a dress-down sort of day.

By contrast, let’s take up the stair project again.  This evening, as I hustled home (that being the “by foot” part of the work around day), I noticed that the bottom step–yes, all the risers are momentarily in place–has been fully boxed!

As Bette Davis said–was it in Now Voyager?: “Why ask for the moon?  We have the stairs!”


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