Last leaves of the season

With the trees putting one in mind of O. Henry, and the wind sweeping away any warmth promised by today’s sunshine, I need to make an effort to unearth my gloves and a scarf. Now that the tree beyond my office window is bare, I’m surprised to find a large apartment building in view, about a block away.  I noticed it for the first time this morning when I casually glanced out the window and thought there was a man walking on air; in fact, he was traversing a balcony about six floors up.

Meanwhile, the stair building project has taken an ominous turn.  While the risers and sides have remained nailed into a unit during their installations and de-installations across the past week, this afternoon, the case is down and the risers are being pulled from the sides as well.  Perhaps the fellows involved are simply latter day Penelopes or a Sue with her Mr. Behrman?


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