Imagine there’s a staircase

In the 10 days or so since I noted here the ebbing and waxing of the rear staircase at a nearby house, the project has grown in even more curious ways:  The stairs themselves have been put in and taken out upward of 18 times, while the house’s siding–only in the immediate vicinity of the stairs–has been pulled away and rebuilt nearly a dozen times as well.  I’m not even home during the weekday and I can see that the project is endless in the variety of removals, additions, replacements, and reconsiderations.

At some point, an entire table saw set up was put into place nearby.  The weekend rain didn’t seem to be to its good health.  Post beams to support the staircase have become increasingly thick, green and newer timber.  Maybe it’s actually some sort of data collection project and the end result really isn’t the goal, but rather the analysis of the amalgam of parts is?

During the multiple times when no stairs are in place, the workers do leave an aluminum stepladder propped rakishly at the backdoor (not set up), so I suppose no one would have to jump to exit the building quickly.  That’s a relief.


2 Responses to “Imagine there’s a staircase”

  1. Bob Says:

    The simple answer could be that the worker and his occasional sidekick are being paid by the hour (or week? or month?). But that would be the cynical way to look at things. More likely, it’s an example of the “deciding-that-there’s-a-better-way-to -do-it-after-you -just-finished-doing-it” approach. From my perspective, they have been fussing with those steps and the adjacent wall for so long, that it won’t look normal if they ever decide it is finished.

  2. With good weather returns the stairman « To Halifax and Gone Says:

    […] Apparently the fact that we are now living in a dry, sunny period is enough to bring back the stairs project next door. One does begin to feel like a gerbil on a wheel in the cage:  stair building, […]

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