Here to stay a while

Since a year ago, when I left Berkeley for Halifax, I’ve been back to the US nearly half a dozen times.  I’m due to return at the end of this week, for the first ever YALSA YA Lit Symposium.  But, as things stand now, the Symposium will be going on without me as my “walking papers” aren’t here yet.  Best laid plans of mice, etc.

It could be oh so much worse:  I am not dealing with ICE; the rules are both clear and fair; the labour shortage that has caused the slow down of processing renewals is the flip side of unemployment.  My disappointment is personal, not political.

This is the first time in about 40 years, however, that I have been prevented from being on the move. The logical response, perhaps, would be to pour a cup of tea and sit down.  Maybe later.


4 Responses to “Here to stay a while”

  1. Von Allan Says:

    Y’know, I hadn’t even realized you had left Berkeley until I got the Twitter notification from you! Which is an odd thing to say to someone I’ve actually never met, but I’ll say it all the same. 🙂

    I am very curious to know how you ended up in Halifax, though. Dual citizen? The Canadian equivalent of a green card? Secret librarian cabal? See, nosy, me!

    And I’m hoping you’ve found your way to Calum Johnston’s Strange Adventures comic shop, too. While it’s not Comic Relief (geez, what other store could ever be?), it’s still very nifty.

    All that said I am very sorry to hear about the travel woes. That must be more than a little frustrating. Hopefully it’s something that can be ironed out shortly. I’m crossing my fingers!

  2. Dave Ferguson Says:

    I think your response is a good one. I’m curious about the hangup (though not prying), maybe because I had to renew my (U.S.) passport earlier this year — it took less time than I’d feared.

  3. halifaxing Says:

    Thanks, all. And how good to get a posting on Comic Relief in the week that I can’t get to the comics precon planned in Nashville! Rory would have loved the irony!

    I’ll make it a point to go to Strange Adventures again during my enforced weekend here. I haven’t yet made it there often enough for it to feel like the extension of my living room that CR has been.

  4. Von Allan Says:

    I’m still very saddened by Rory’s death. He was very good to both my wife and I (there’s a photo of us altogether at CR at – it’s a brief but sad post, though. A few more pics can be found at And he built a wonderful store at CR’s new location. I was a bit stunned at how heavy the inventory was (being an ex-bookstore retailer myself I tend to be very cautious when it comes to inventory), but it had (and hopefully still has) a wonderful feel. That’s a testimony to Rory’s vision. Damn it, I regret not getting to know him even better.

    Calum has built a good shop with Strange Adventures. I get the sense that it’s similar to the feel that the original “bowling alley” version of CR. I could be wrong (I never got the chance to visit the old shop) but that’s the sense I get. I wish more stores were like these two.

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