everything new is old

We’ve lived in enough houses in enough different neighbourhoods over the past couple decades that what Halloween might bring in the way of both rick ‘n’ treaters and tricksters has become an annual question.  We’ve lived in places where we were inundated by princesses, robots, poorly disguised 15-year-old “tramps” (of both genders) and off-the-rack superheroes.  And places where no one could bother trudging up 14 steps from a busy street.


Tonight we’ve laid out a modest amount of sweets and kept any specific expectations muted.

A year ago, I spent Halloween evening at dinner with my brother, sister-in-law and favourite niece (who was dressed like a pirate).  My brother had left the candy for his neighbourhood kids unattended in a honour-system bowl on their front porch, having first separated out the kosher, nondairy chocolate for his daughter and one particular brand of candy for his wife.  This is a man whose middle name should be Thoughtful.

On my way home, I got caught behind a sizable tribe of witches, fairies and facepaint streaked guys in suits. They were all in the 20-something range and seemed serious, as though on a scientific expedition rather than looking forward to any kind of evening fun. I would have doled out something in order to surprise them into acting the parts they’d dressed, but had nothing on me worthy of a treat.

My brother would have done.


2 Responses to “everything new is old”

  1. Brother Says:

    The honor candy bowl had some candy left in it when we returned.

  2. halifaxing Says:

    I am so not surprised! You always did know how to gauge the situation!

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