The name game

Besides being the title of the very first record album I ever purchased, a kind name game is something that obsesses me when everything else seems slightly out of hand:  trying to remember who was named what related to whom else at some point in my past, your past, anyone’s past.  Part of that is based, probably, on so many of my early childhood peers having Ellis Island-teched monikers:  Szplak (pronounced spoo-lak), Strzlek (pronounced stre-ze-lak).  Partly it’s based on absurd pairings that some parent somewhere allowed:  Candy Gay, Winkie Bliss (a college classmate of Bob’s).

Here there are some surnames that I’ve never heard as such;  Pottle, to date, is possibly my favorite.  And there’s a different variety of “popular” given names than there was in my previous life:  instead of a run of Debbies 40 years ago, it was a run of Darlenes.

I’ve been completing numerous–oh so numerous–official forms, each of which relies on my passport as the base for my identification.  This means that I now must transcribe my full name onto documents, all 33 letters. Somebody was having a game when I got named; it’s no wonder I find others’ names so intriguing.


2 Responses to “The name game”

  1. carole Says:

    and your middle name is???

  2. halifaxing Says:

    two of ’em, both long, neither common, one made up I am sure.

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