Closing in on year-end

A year ago today, my good friends Kay and Carole threw a bon voyage party for me in Carole’s back yard. It was a warmish California afternoon and an interesting group showed to kick back, drink whisky, eat Kay’s ever amazing array of nibbles and tell stories.

It was Bob’s first outing after his first knee replacement. It was the last time I’d see Dory, who died six months later. I did get to see Rory one more time, but he has died in the past year as well.

And Janice and Mo have gotten engaged, while Janice’s little sister Phyllis landed an amazing job in an art auction house, learning how to appraise silver.

EO, with Janice, telling stories in Carole's kitchen

EO, with Janice, telling stories in Carole's kitchen

Vi’s retired since then, and is using her time to work in more libraries than ever. No further word from my brother or my favorite niece, since the great dinner a week after the party. In this case, no news means nothing bad has happened but everybody’s busy (in their cases, lawyering).

Yvette G and Sandy correspond often, as do Carole and Kay. I don’t hold up my end as well, although I do try to get something up here everyday–not as personal, I realize, but it does keep the bridge in view.

A year ago, I didn’t bother imagining forward 365 days, except that I was pretty sure I’d remember that party quite well. And I do. And I am still grateful.


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