The immigration physical

Who knew that getting a general health checkup could be mildly amusing? There are only a few doctors who provide “immigration medicals” and aI had to wait a “whole 10 days” for an appointment (oh, Kaiser folks, imagine!).

Today was the day (so soon that, unlike my Kaiser days, I actually still remembered that I had an appointment) and I arrived with the requisite number of passport photos in hand (4). Yes, this is Saturday.

Flexibility seems to be a key concern here: I got to perform leg lifts, touch my toes, bend over backwards and to each side. My blood pressure was pronounced to be that of a teenager (!). And one’s pulse is checked at the ankle rather than the wrist.

Meanwhile, in Scotland, Fred has had his first encounter with National Health, which apparently went swimmingly. The one trip up was when he collected a prescription at the chemist and then realized they hadn’t told him what to pay. He stood there a bit and then was clued in to the fact that they didn’t expect any money.

It’s all so…different.


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