(Federal) election day

Here the rhythms and guideposts are different:

First, there’s the fact that the federal election isn’t on the same day–or in the same polling places–as local elections.

Then there is the scrupulous instruction to those working inside the polls to not wear any of the colours associated with a political party (e.g., no Tory blue shirt).

No honking. Apparently no rides to the polls. I didn’t even see any polling places in my wanderings.

Districts here are “ridings.”

In some parts of the country, voters are swapping their votes with people elsewhere in order to attempt to elect favoured parties locally. This wasn’t explained in enough detail for my south-of-the-border simple mind to grasp.

But saddest was the woman who was bemoaning the lack of excitement in Canadian elections and wishing it could be “more like they have in the US. More drama. That’d be good.” She then went on to do some gay bashing that left me furious and just able to tell her why. But I failed the drama test and she clearly can’t hear or think unless her mob emotions are tapped.

As a former mother-in-law of mine would say: “I wouldn’t vote for her for dog catcher.”

But apparently that’s not an elected position in these parts.


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