Youthful non-expectations

Back when we wee 12 and 13 years old, I am quite sure it never passed through either the imagination of ether suechrystal or me that, in middle age, we would plan to spend a Canadian Thanksgiving weekend in Halifax. And we had pretty good imaginations as kids….

I am surprised by how readily I’ve taken on this move of “my” holiday. The weather is absolutely perfect: beautifully sunny, cool, trees half turned. Having suechrystal en route from Boston makes it otherworldly in some ways and a sentimental holiday in others. And I don’t think I’ve ever accused either of us of sentimentality–another sign of advancing middle age, when the “s” word no longer means cheap and shoddy.


One Response to “Youthful non-expectations”

  1. Sandy Says:

    Happy Thanksgiving, Francisca!

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