Not so sure about these automobiles

Bob and I met up at Cole Harbour Place after work, which is to say that I got a car ride instead of a bus-ferry-to-halifax ride. The trip went smoothly insofar as we didn’t get lost, but the afternoon’s wind and rain apparently got the better of some other drivers and so the MacDonald Bridge, when we got that far, was closed due to a couple different car accidents.

We pressed on along Wyse Road into what was, for Bob, unknown territory, to the “new” bridge, the MacKay. It was along this route that we came across a number of automotive businesses with dubious sounding names or promises: Cheapy Tires; “Get a transmission tune-up and a chance to win;” “Tire Tech wanted;” and so forth.

It took an hour to get home, which was only about 10 minutes less than if I’d taken the bus, the ferry and my feet. But then, I wouldn’t have seen those automotive dreams.


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