Sounds of autumn

The past two evenings, as I’ve walked along Lower Water Street after disembarking from the ferry, the sounds of chanting and drumming have wafted from a tent erected in a parking lot just north of Bishop’s Landing. According to the local paper–which has been reduced in page size by a good two inches at the long sides, making its legibility more of a trial–I’ve been hearing part of a seasonal Miq-Mak gathering. In a couple weeks, Berkeley will be celebrating Indigenous Peoples Day when elsewhere in the US, Columbus Day’s observed, and here in Canada, it’s Thanksgiving.

Closer to home than the waterfront, the sounds of hammer go into the evening as people finish roofing and other outdoor fix-ups in preparation for winter.

There is something about autumn air–a fine blend of temperature and humidity, that allows sound to carry with a resonance offset by the slow dispersal of leaf cover. I hadn’t realized before this one that fall has as much its own sound as sights and smells.


2 Responses to “Sounds of autumn”

  1. Sandy Says:

    The sound of Canadian geese heading south for the winter, the sound of high school bands practicing for their performance at football games…

  2. halifaxing Says:

    Oh yeah…and the last time I lived in “autumn rich country” there was the Northeastern University marching band practicing endlessly across the street.

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