All so serious

I started this blog to address two interests: to keep in touch with all the folks I have left when I moved to Nova Scotia and to amuse my friends with my efforts at obtaining a driver’s license. There is a whole lot I never discuss here, including my job, but, way more importantly, the state of the world. From time to time, I feel a certain amount of guilt over seeming to ignore the latter–so many important matters are there and I don’t address them here.

I see this as a necessary self-editing. I hope you all understand and know that just because I say nothing here certainly doesn’t mean that I’m not thinking and speaking and listening about the ramifications of the Big Issues. I also hope that my silences on these matters here acts as a reminder that we never see all that anyone else is thinking, feeling, knowing or wondering.


2 Responses to “All so serious”

  1. Marg Says:

    Ah well. What can you do? I say vote early and vote often! I’m about to pick up Gonick’s Cartoon History of the US and 1776 from SFPL so perhaps that will be more inspiring than current events.

  2. halifaxing Says:

    Well, that’s happifying news on the reading front! Enjoy!

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