Sidewalk madness

The blue pipe project on Fenwick (which is actually related to a sewer pumping project intended to rectify the overflowing station at Inglis and Barrington has made the sidewalks there a litter of crushed gravel mounded over PVC, coasting down from the bottom steps of stoops, and flying in the wind of every very slowly passing car. (There is very little car traffic at all, due to the street-wide pits and high count of excavating equipment in the road).

Meanwhile, along South Street, there is no sidewalk at all as it’s been dug and sacrificed to the project as well. A bit further north, along South Park, a temporary boardwalk has been built, complete with railing, to help pedestrians detour over tree root hillocks now that the sidewalk itself has been fenced off in preparation for moving (tearing down?) three Victorians that are to be replaced with a 19-storey apartment complex. This boardwalk undulates gently, sticking to the curves of the earth, making it slightly humourous now, but what will it be like when icy in three months?


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