Giants in the harbour

Last evening we walked over to the Halifax Ale House, by way of Citadel Hill, just as the Queen Elizabeth II, on her final voyage here, filled the skyline. She’s off to Dubai after this cruise, to become a staged hotel.

We were going east on Sackville Street, about ten blocks from the water, just high enough up the grade that the buildings going down to the east seemed to close to a span so narrow that the frame created was dwarfed by the ship’s presence, blotting out the harbour entirely from view.

Today, a container ship, fully loaded, came charging up the harbour at what seemed an exorbitant rate of speed. This time I was stationed on the Dartmouth side, just across from the Navy piers, and that ship almost dwarfed the ships there. Perspective–especially perspective on the water from the land–is such a tricky matter.


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