Weekend discoveries

We’ve been enjoying gorgeous weather this weekend, although it’s cooler than recent months. That touch of cool led Bob to decide to close the hallway window yesterday. Our windows are frightfully ancient and in need of repair. New frames are on order, but he decided to close them yesterday.

Fortunately, he wasn’t home alone when he acted on that decision. The sash gave way and he found himself with seven digits caught between the upper and lower panes. He could not extricate them and, at first, neither could I, even using a lever to widen the gap.

This was when we discovered that 9-1-1 works with great expediency here. And not only with expediency, but also with a kind of informal ease I’ve never experienced from emergency responders before. Bob has all his fingers back–albeit one punctured and all still tender–and they were on their way again with no forms to sign or lectures given.

To play it safer today, we hiked outdoors, where the windows are truly out of reach (One of the more frightening aspects for me yesterday was that he got himself hung by the hands while standing atop a chest, adding a climbing and possible falling element to the rescue process). We went to Pt. Pleasant Park, but the Prince of Wales Tower wasn’t open. We walked on to where the path splits between tracking over to the Northwest Arm and heading back along the beach that is cheek-by-jowl with the container shipping terminal and then Halifax Seaport. This latter route is one of the most diversified views of any city I’ve seen: the leisure aspects of swim cove and picnic benches literally feet away from the stacks of bonded containers and cranes, all in the shadow of the acres of woods of the park.

All in all, today’s discoveries seem more engaging than yesterday’s, but I am no less grateful for yesterday’s surprise feature of excellent public service.


3 Responses to “Weekend discoveries”

  1. Sarah Dentan Says:

    Bob’s retirement seems to be fraught with peril…

  2. halifaxing Says:

    Such is the way of the world…..

  3. yvette Says:

    Oh gosh. Didn’t he retire to have a nice, peaceful existence? My wishes for fully and speedily recovered digits.

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