Locally grown is astonishing

The best blueberries I’ve ever eaten seem to grow here in Nova Scotia and I have been making like Sal and her bear friend for several weeks now. We’ve also eaten away a season of local corn on the cob, and now the Nova Scotia apples are arriving.

We haven’t been buying imported produce (except pineapple and avocado). An array of winter squashes are now appearing and today we even found a bag of beets–ready to clean and bake–that had traveled about 100 km to the store from the farm.

But tomatillos? to date, this stands as the most unexpected Canadian harvest item. (They were also too big to look delicious, saving me from having to make enchiladas suissa this weekend).


One Response to “Locally grown is astonishing”

  1. Sandy Says:

    I found jujubes (the fruit) today at the market. Something new to try!

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