The weather is as fine as it’s ever been–not quite hot, bright, soft. And I am locked up most of the day. The tourists have been reduced by the opening of the school year, so I chanced to walk along the waterfront after getting off the homebound ferry. There were plenty of people, but no mobs through which to thread.

Lobster rolls are still on for $6.99 at a wharfside “shack.” Next door is another walk-up window eatery, offering beaver tails with your choice of added nuts or chocolate on top (talk about gilding lilies!). There are ice cream stands, lots of sausage/hot dog options, and crepes as well.

To the east of the boardwalk is the water, studded this evening by the usual and some visitors. The usual crowd includes the Acadia, who always looks demure and understated in spite of her real and reel history. Today’s there’s also a ginormous yacht (not surprisingly boasting an American, as well as a Canadian, flag). And further south a total of three cruise ships are in staged positions near the cruise pier.

The whole effect of this 10 minute diversion before I turn up at Bishop’s Landing–and then cross Lower Water Street back my “regular world” is surprisingly fulfilling–the peramabulatory version of a power nap.

And just as fast, I’m back in town, dodging cars, and watching a different kind of cruising as the guys in shiny old cars also take advantage of the last of summer.


One Response to “Cruising”

  1. Marg Says:

    September is a lovely month in Nova Scotia.

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