A ghost I never met in the flesh

It’s been raining off and on, sometimes quite hard, all day, so I decided to use the momentary dry patch after work to walk up to the Bridge Terminal, rather than take the ferry across and chance having to then walk in more rain. It turned out to be a good choice as the rain began before the bus arrived, but there was a bus shelter at the terminal and my stop on the Halifax side doesn’t present much of a walk in which to get wet.

With school just back in session, and the bus having a Dalhousie end point, my fellow passengers tended toward the student type. Across the aisle from me (we were seated on sideways benches so we directly faced each other) was a tall young woman who looked so very much like someone I knew in childhood that it nearly took my breath away.

Like similarly tall Steffi Shortino, this stranger had thick, tawny hair and equally tawny skin, her face barely–just so barely–pink cheeked. Like Steffi, her lips were full and her large eyes slightly sleepy in their mien. She was wearing sparkly thongs which showed off her nicely painted toenails. And therein lay the problem: this young woman was about 20 and did, indeed, look like Steffi stylistically as well as physically. Yet, I knew Steffi when we were in first and second grades (after which she moved away) and saw her only one more time, when we were about 15 and ran into each other while ice skating. And, clearly, it was 30 years ago that Steffi would have been anywhere close to this young woman’s age.

So how is it that they look so very much alike, that even her footwear–which, truly, could be nothing like any I ever saw on my peer–seemed familiar? The tricks memory and the present play on and through each other….


One Response to “A ghost I never met in the flesh”

  1. yvette Says:

    A youthful doppelganger? A long-lost younger cousin? Or just sheer coincidence?

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