Janus weather for tourists

A storm blew in quickly just as we crossed the MacDonald en route to Eastern Passage early this afternoon. We drove from blue skies into a moment that was a near perfect split between bright sun and clouds as dark as dusk and then, as we turned onto Pleasant Street, the rain came pelting fast, harder by the time we got to Fisherman’s Cove.

We sat out three passing electrical bursts, one complete with hail as well as lightning that jagged through the windshield and clapped far away. A car of frustrated readers, we had only one map to share among the three of us, and no other literature with which to pass the washout.

And then it cleared. Within the hour the skies were blue, the clouds fluffy, and even the boardwalk was drying quickly.

We walked toward the open ocean as far as the boardwalk went (which is not very). The tide was low and Mcnab’s isalnd seemed almost within reach–although the remaining water in the channel was a visible reminer of why the danger signs are posted.

South tip of McNab's and open Atlantic beyond the harbour

South tip of McNab's and open Atlantic beyond the harbour

Walking back to the commercial fishing wharf, where the boats were tied up for the day, we got a charge out of the “Hummer,” a small power craft that appeared to be a reconstruction of the Govenator’s vehicle.

The weather holding, we went along Cow Bay Road as far as the Moose. When I was here, once last January, there were surfers in the ocean, but, on the last day of August, the only others around were some folks playing cards near the statue. They raised their eyebrows at our front license plate, which remains unchanged since Berkeley. And that encouraged bob to play all out tourist and pose with the moose.

Open Atlantic

Open Atlantic


One Response to “Janus weather for tourists”

  1. flotsam Says:

    The blue house across the street from the Moose is Wally’s parents’ place. The Moose was actually shifted a few feet to the left a couple of years ago to accommodate that behemoth of a house on the right (the one with the turbine – not the one in the picture). The Moose is a left over relic from the Silver Sands Dance Hall – the grounds of which had all sorts of concrete critters. When the dance hall closed, folks made off the all of them but the Moose – for obvious reasons. Moosehead Breweries wanted to buy it years ago and move it, but he’s too fragile to go too far. Volunteers look after him now and keep him painted, etc.

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