The course of travel rarely runs smooth–or cheap

Imagine having just turned 18 and finding yourself living in a strange city for a month with your parents, while some of your best friends have just gone to New York. Imagine that you’ve just had a rather rough go with obtaining your student visa, during which time your passport had been removed from your possession and the possibility of ever being able to leave and go anywhere seemed dim…and then your passport (with visa) is magically restored–and you still have three long weeks in parental purgatory.

If my son were a whiner, it would be an ugly three weeks coming up, but he’s not and so last evening I sprung for a trip to NYC, mindful that his friends have just started school and that I, too, want to see him as much as possible before he leaves for the year. But, heck, what a mother would like and what an 18-year-old would like are not on the same path and I am content that our paths at least intersect around a variety of topics and options.

Of course, getting a flight from here to NYC and back, for next week, didn’t run to the cheap. But he pitched in some funds he earned over the summer and we both went away from the computer happy.

And then, during the night, his cheap flight to school, booked ages ago for next month, became dust. Oh, joy, another ticket to find and fund in double time.

At least, after last evening’s bout of ticket shopping for something in five days, the luxury of purchasing three weeks out isn’t lost on me. And the price even went down by $50 between selection and booking–enough to cover his second suitcase.


One Response to “The course of travel rarely runs smooth–or cheap”

  1. Flotsam Says:

    Sorry to hear you booked Zoom – shades of our Christmas trip booked via Canjet several years ago that vapourized – check your credit card site – most are refunding…

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