Homecoming to history

The last time we moved from one house to the next, we didn’t fully unpack. The three of us were chronically busy and it just got away from us. Most things did get out of packing boxes, of course, but apparently some well-wrapped pictures didn’t. Or was it the move before that? Or the one before that?

However long the lapse, I was stunned to be confronted, upon getting home from work today, with images I hadn’t seen in years and years and years. In some cases, I’d completely forgotten them: the gorgeous gelatin print of autumn leaves on a pond that suechrystal took and printed; the flock of flamingoes at the Oakland Zoo (and they don’t even show up on the zoo’s roster anymore!); photos I took of buildings in Boston and NYC. Bob’s been unpacking and, because the hallway is already studded with picture hangers, he sorted his finds onto the walls there, so the effect at the moment is a strange gallery of trite, true, and bizarre.

On one side of the front door is a fingerpainting produced by our son well over 15 years ago. Across from that is a silk screen print that had walked out of my mind entirely:

It was created by a girl named Susi Taub, in a high school art class when we were 16. She’s facing the viewer and I am facing her. We would have been dressed in navy blue herringbone wool skirts; it looks as though she’s wearing the uniform blazer while I am wearing the uniform (v-neck) cardigan. It seems remarkable to me that I now remember clearly that the cardigan was v-necked in spite of the fact that I am seeing it here from the back and haven’t seen it–any other picture of it–in about 30 years. As to Susi? The last I heard she had followed her artistic interests at least into college, but I lost track of her somewhere around Arizona (maybe?), in the last century (definitely).


5 Responses to “Homecoming to history”

  1. Sandy Says:

    I am trying to imagine you with long hair. The mind boggles. I think I need to go lie down for a while.

  2. yvette Says:

    Ditto! What color was it then?

  3. halifaxing Says:

    In the print: purple. In “real life”: black. Oh go on!

  4. Susan Taub Partlow Says:

    So…I don’t recall creating this artwork, but I like it!

    What’s your name?
    —Susan Taub Partlow

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