The happy reader

Among the dozen or so books I read “on assignment” each month, I expect to find the occasional total gem, one that is not only written beautifully, with an engaging narrative, but isn’t on a topic I’d consider choosing if left to my own discretion in a library or bookstore.

While I haven’t yet completed the book, I did stumble across such a chapter in one today: Rose George’s descriptions of the Japanese toilet industry–from technology research and innovation to personnel–is a total hoot! Here’s someone who can turn a hilarious phrase over and over–well, a series of phrases–so that reading becomes akin to watching an aerialist perform a stunt routine that seems both spontaneous and endless. Instead of a punchline, the chapter is an origami box of punchlines.

Darn good thing there’s a three-day weekend upcoming: I’m inspired to believe that all the waiting piles of books around here might be hiding more jewels like this. I suppose that’s how greed happens….


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