A day in the country, no walk in the park

Since Bob’s–and the car’s–arrival, I had been looking forward to getting out of town on a weekend. We tried that today but didn’t meet with stellar success as none of us had taken the time to do any planning whatsoever (and, given that we don’t know our broader surroundings at all, to say nothing of well, planning would be necessary to getting anywhere) and then the provincial map seems to have gone missing, leaving us with only one of Halifax and one of the Atlantic Provinces.

The weather is totally gorgeous and it’s still very much summer so the roads were understandably chock a block with tourists. Making this a kind of zero sum game in which we didn’t know where we were or where we were headed and neither did anyone else around us have a clue about their own goals or passages to them.

We did manage some fine sandwiches in Chester Basin–after walking away from a nasty waitress in Chester–and then a walk along a small part of the rail trail. It was bright hot there but smelled well of apples. We saw a fox, as well as a motorcyclist and three ATVs–the ratio of wildlife to engines not a happy one.


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